This section of the site shows you different challenges posted by Mentors and Teachers. This encourages mentors, teachers, students to put out challenges to be attempted by other members of the community. The challenges when approved and posted on the site can be used to send invitational mail to persons that you want to challenge. There is very low fee for non-members to attempt a challenge that they have invited to - most of them are free.

This section helps mentors to grade their students and also to have some fun competition among their peers.




About Us

Our Mission: A conversation and the solution to problems can be fun if it collaborative and done with good education fundamentals as its base. We are all about helping communities to reach their full potential by connecting with right education materials, teachers and mentors from over the world.

We can also set you up on a 'Private Academy' so your school / institution / company can have a private location to upload your courses and the local administrator can give access to anyone they want. Please do fill in the contact details on the tab 'Private Academy' and we will be in touch with you for more details. 

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