Some one once quoted " Life is journey of learning and discovering one own skills and abilities and refining it".

We at On-Line.School are determined to help you find and make right connections with professionals in the teaching and professional world to make your learning experience interesting.

Brian Herbert once quoted about learning "The capacity to learn is a gift; The ability to learn is a skill; The willingness to learn is a choice".

What does this site target on Learning?

A scholar once quoted the following “Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think”. Learning and training our minds to apply our learning to be invested in the community is what we all desire for the better future. We are going to have multiple disciplinary course materials for you to enhance your skills beyond your knowledge from college. The course materials available here are geared to enhance your working knowledge of various disciplines.

An investment in your skills enhancement, pays the best interest. This area of the website gives you various videos that are available under various categories. These videos are uploaded by professionals who has vision to share their expertise with others and thus helping in making a better community. We encourage visitors to browse all the categories of videos and encourage the professional community with your encouraging comments.

Remember, as a learner, should you have some teaching skills or would like to present your teaching video, please check the TEACH tab and after your register, you can upload your teaching material, name your price and you can make money too.



About Us

Our Mission: A conversation and the solution to problems can be fun if it collaborative and done with good education fundamentals as its base. We are all about helping communities to reach their full potential by connecting with right education materials, teachers and mentors from over the world.

We can also set you up on a 'Private Academy' so your school / institution / company can have a private location to upload your courses and the local administrator can give access to anyone they want. Please do fill in the contact details on the tab 'Private Academy' and we will be in touch with you for more details.